A Pokémon travel zine

SINNOH JEWELS is a Pokémon themed travel zine based on the Sinnoh region! We want to this zine to showcase the "jewels" of Sinnoh- iconic scenery and pokémon!


What is a zine? What is a travel zine?

A zine, short for "magazine", is a collection of works, usually artwork and writings, that is centered around a particular theme.
A travel zine is a collection of works that showcase a place or places, much like a regular travel magazine.

In this case, Sinnoh Jewels is a travel zine that focuses on the Sinnoh region in the Pokémon universe. We want to have illustrations and writings about the various towns, landmarks, and the pokémon that live there!

Is this a digital or physical zine? Will there be merch?

This will be a physical zine! We will have merchandise bundles available as well.

Will this zine be for charity or profit?

Sinnoh Jewels is a for-profit zine! Minors that are unable to receive payment will have their portion donated to a charity of choice. (TBA)

My question isn't here!

Couldn't find the answers to your question? Reach out to us through our CuriousCat, where you can ask anonymously, or at any of of social medias! All of these are listed in the "Contact" sections of this carrd!


Questions or concerns? Contact us at any of the links below!

Meet the Mods

Mod Platinum

"Hewwo I’m Charray and I’m the finance and shipping mod for Sinnoh Jewels. I was the head mod, shipping mod, and occasional graphic design mod for Helping Hand, and I am currently involved as a mod in a couple of other zines. Pearl was my first game ever and Sinnoh is like home to me, and I’m super excited to return home!!!"

Mod Pearl

"I'm Lora B, the formatting and occasional graphic mod. I was finance and formatting for helping hand, and have worked on multiple zines before this. Pearl was the 1st game I beat the elite 4 in so it has a special place for me - especially when it comes to contests!"

Mod Diamond

"Hi I'm Mai! Pokémon is kinda poggers, I started with Pokémon White but I have always wanted to try the games before it as the playthroughs were something I enjoyed as a kid! Glad to be here <3"

Mod Turtwig

Social Media
"Hello I'm Nana! I'm ever the anime fan and have been engrossed in various fandoms for nearly 25 years! Pearl was my first entry into the handheld world of Pokémon games and I love my bby turtwig!"


March 21- April 18Contributor apps open
April 25/26Acceptance & rejection e-mails sent
May 31Check-in 1
June 28Check-in 2
August 9Check-in 3
September 6Finals due
October 15Pre-orders open
November 20Pre-orders close
December (Day TBD)Orders shipped
December - JanuaryContributor packages sent
Early 2022Payout and donations made

*Schedule is subject to change.